Our FCL network of after-school education centres is entirely run by independent Managers (franchisees) using maths and English programmes exclusively designed and produced by us. These programmes have been created by specialists using their extensive experience in the educational sector, to meet the learning objectives of the National Curriculum for England and Wales and the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland. This sets us apart from some international after school programmes. And, we’re also supported by professional educationalists.

Whatever we teach is directly aligned to your child’s progress in school. It’s also why our materials are increasingly being used in many schools. However, maintaining an excellent standard of tuition requires constant development not just of our materials but our teaching methods and centres too. That’s why we warmly welcome feedback from parents, children and teachers and have done since we began in 2003.

It’s abundantly clear to us that well educated young people are our most precious asset. That’s why we strive to help our students receive the very best educational service, with each student working at an optimum level to reach their potential.

With over 250 tuition centres throughout the UK we’re the fastest growing UK based tuition franchise. And, we have expanded into the Republic of Ireland, Spain and the Netherlands. Each of our centres works extremely hard to release every child’s potential whatever their age or ability. It’s something we’re passionate about, and why we do all we can to ensure we provide exemplary levels of service to all our students.

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