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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions about First Class Learning maths and English tuition. If you can't find an answer to your query then please contact us and we will reply as quickly as we can.

General Enquiries

Q What is First Class Learning?

A The programmes are worksheet based but draw on a variety of other resources to provide flexible, individualised learning in line with the school curriculum.

Q My Child lacks confidence, can you help?

A Confidence comes through success. At First Class Learning we help our students to identify the 1% steps to 100% success. Regular self-assessment ensures that your child is actively involved in their own progress. By following an easily learned routine and with work that is appropriate at all times your child will take small but significant steps forward so that they always feel safe, secure and proud of their progress.

Q What will my role be as a parent?

A At First Class Learning, parents play a key role in supporting and encouraging their children. By marking your child's homework (we do provide you with the answers!), ensuring that errors are corrected and giving frequent praise, you will be helping your child to strengthen their study skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Q How will my child's progress be reported?

A At First Class Learning, we conduct regular assessments at the centre and the results are discussed with both you and your child. In addition, your Learning Centre Manager is happy to discuss progress at any time.

Distance Learning

Q Can my child study by distance learning?

A Of course. Although we would prefer your child to attend one of our classes, many students study successfully by distance learning.


Q What will it cost?

A Fees are set by individual Centre Managers. There is an enrolment fee, then fees are charged on a monthly basis. Fees are competitive compared to private tuition and other after school programmes.

Q How do I enrol my child?

A Enter your postcode/Town in the search box on the home page to find your nearest centre.