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First Class Learning

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What students are saying about FCL

Thank you so much for all your help. I have got better at my tables and now understand fractions.

What our students are saying about FCL...

I like coming to FCL as I can do all my tables and do division with remainders.

Nathanial McDonald (Y5) (I can do all my tables.)

Initially, I was a bit unsure about doing extra work but it's quite fun! It helps me at school, as my literacy lessons are often about the same topics I've covered at First Class Learning. I learn a lot from my tutor and she is very patient and kind.

Reece (Y5)

FCL maths is helping me with my three, four, five and ten times tables and English is really helping me with my joined up handwriting because before i could not do it. Thank you Emma and Alastair.

Harry (Y3)

I think FCL is simple. It has helped me to learn division and remainders quickly.

Nicole (Age 4)

I think FCL is good because you learn things you didn't know. It helps me learn a lot more like the 6 times table and hour clocks to tell the time.

Grace (Y4)

I am very proud of the work I am doing, and I am getting quicker at answering all the questions.

Fisayo (Y3)

Since I started with First Class Learning I have moved up a group in English and done really well on my Maths assessment at school, getting a 6C.

Olivia (Y9)

Thank you so much for all your help. I have got better at my tables and now understand fractions.

Charlotte (Y9)

When I first came, I didn't like Maths. I am finding it really good Now I love it.

Molly (Y3)

I know more things, and I enjoy the work, which gives me a challenge sometimes. Thank you.

Neve (Y6)

I have been taught by Janice this year to help me with maths and am pleased with the results I achieved. Janice will explain the work to you so that you understand. She will give you help when you need it and of course, a lot of homework.

Dora Spanos (Enfield)

Janice taught me maths with great skill and had genuine concern for how I did in both my exams. The tuition sessions of which I had one a week, was enough to help me gain a good result.

Eddy Clark (Student)

I was predicted a grade E last year for my GCSE but after 18 months of FCL maths I got a C. Thank you First Class Learning!

Sophie (GCSE)

Mr. Vora, I have been moved to the top set in the class (in maths), when are you starting English with me?

Ayesha (High Wycombe)