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1 . Too much bureaucracy and interference

Teachers want to teach. They want to help children but instead they’re faced with increased bureaucracy and huge workloads. This results in teachers being paid for far fewer hours than the 46 to 59 hours that in many cases they actually work. Many teachers also report that there is an increase in forms and paperwork and this is the reason given for the increased time spent on unnecessary or bureaucratic tasks. Ofsted is another cross to bear and is perceived as the architect of the red tape restricting teacher effectiveness. Inspections are so focused on box ticking that even a school delivering excellent outcomes can receive a disappointing report.

2. Work-life imbalance

Due to the increase in workload felt by nearly 70% of teachers, many are now saying that it has negatively affected their work-life balance. It’s no wonder that teachers are dropping out of the profession. How can you have job satisfaction if you feel your profession is undervalued and your workload is seemingly never ending? There seems to be an ever-increasing pressure put on teachers with the expectation of bringing work home becoming the norm.

3. Rising class sizes

Class sizes are increasing, especially due to the pandemic, with some schools having to put more pupils together in classrooms to cover the absence of self-isolating teachers. Not only does this increase a teacher’s workload but it can also lead to cramped working conditions for all involved. Understandably, teachers can feel overwhelmed when they are solely responsible for 35 to 40 children.

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