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Help your child develop a passion for learning

First Class Learning is committed to helping get your child's education back on track. Our maths and English tuition centres create inspiring places for students to realise their full potential and our tuition programmes help students learn something every day.

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Planned and scheduled work
Our tuition programmes work for the whole family - fun and focused for the student, stress free for parents.
Learn something every day
Our unique approach to learning includes bitesize daily homework which gives each student time to practise.
Measured improvement
While your child's school will see improvement, we monitor progress to build student and parental confidence.
Holistic student focus
As well as improving their maths and English, we also develop wider learning skills ready for life after school.

Unique Skills Assessments

Our unique skills assessments enable us to create tuition programmes tailored to each child's needs. We identify gaps or learning blocks, which once solved enable each student to reach their potential. We also highlight strengths, and can help students excel and achieve even higher grades.   Parents love the insight these give about their child's progress, and the reassurance that they have found the right help and support.

Designed in the UK around the National Curriculum

Unlike many other after-school tuition centres, our programmes have been designed to align with the National Curriculum, so you can be confident your child's work is relevant to their studies and their learning needs. This means that our approach works well alongside school learning and avoids any confusion.   Our subject learning pathways create the structure and flexibility to adapt to your child's needs.

Pen and Paper is the best way to learn

Research shows physically writing things down, using ‘pen and paper’, is an important part of the cognitive process of learning and improves information retention. This makes our print-based approach more effective than online programmes.   Reducing ‘screen time’ is something that delights most parents! Plus examinations are still paper based which is another good reason to keep these skills sharp.

Smart tuition materials

Our smart materials are the foundation of our tuition programme. They break down complex subjects into step-by-step learning helping students understand things that have puzzled them to date. They are flexible and can adapt to different learning styles while being delivered at the right pace for each student.   We know keeping students motivated is a challenge, which is why our materials are fun, interesting and engaging.

Tuition Subjects

Our National Curriculum aligned programmes teach, consolidate and combine skills through their unique spiral structure.


The First Class Learning maths curriculum fully supports your child during their school journey. From core arithmetic skills to advanced GCSE problem solving, our centres provide an interactive, dynamic environment ensuring all students feel confident and gain valuable relevant topic practice.


From developing phonic knowledge, motor skills and handwriting to reading, comprehension and writing skills, our programme develops key skills with materials that are ideal for all learners, whether primary or secondary - from Reception up to GCSE

Thousands of happy parents and successful students across the UK:

I find the tuition class really useful for my daughter who is in year 5. She has really grown in confidence and her maths has improved so much. I'm really pleased with her progress so far. Thank you Raxita!!
Tameeza Bandali
Very great tuition class for all age abilities the Centre Manager is fantastic and really brings the children up to speed with their work, good rewards and incentives to learn highly recommended and the children really engage and settle well. My son has come on lots since attending these classes. I strongly recommend First Class Learning.
Jay Knox
My son loves this tuition class very much and does not want to miss any sessions. He excelled a lot in maths and is now very comfortable. He also enjoys doing his maths worksheets from FCL at home. Thanks to Pragati for making my son very comfortable and excelling in his maths work.
Praveen Kurapati
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