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Centre Manager

Paul Anastasiou

01322 406 047
Holy Trinity Church Hall
Hurst Road
DA15 9AE

Opening times

Wednesday 16.00 to 18.00


Our centre

Welcome to the Sidcup Lamorbey First Class Learning Centre. Our specialised 11+, English and Maths tutors support children in the local community with 11+, Maths and English tuition.

Students of all ages attend our study centre at Christ Church in DA15. We cater for learners from Early Years and primary through to GCSE. Our 11+, maths and english tutors have the experience and love of learning necessary to get the best out of your child.

Our Maths programme is designed to target specific areas of weakness for each individual child, so that they can achieve fluency with each topic before moving on. Our Maths tutors assign daily homework tasks that help them to practice the skills covered in depth so they quickly become second nature.

The First Class Learning English programme ensures that children work on core skills required in English such as reading and spelling, handwriting, vocabulary extension, grammar and punctuation, planning, independent writing and comprehension. Children studying our English programme will also be assigned daily work by our English tutors to complete at home.

Our 11+ courses are specifically tailored for each individual student by our skilled 11+ tutors. Our 11+ tutors create a unique study plan for each student and this is updated frequently to account for any additional areas of weakness that emerge along the way, to ensure that our 11+ tutors can help prepare your child as much as possible. Each lesson will also include a short practice test which helps to familiarise students with the format of their approaching exam/s. Students are then given homework to complete each week in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Our 11+ tutors have experience in preparing students for the Bexley and Kent test as well as other 11+ exams.

How it works

For our English and Maths programmes, one of our First Class Learning tutors will meet with you to discuss how we can help your child with maths or English. They will then sit down with your child and complete an assessment to determine which path is most suitable for them. Once we have established your child’s needs, we will put together a bespoke course of action that will support and encourage your child’s learning. If you feel happy with our plan and that we are the best option for you and your child, they will then be able to start attending regular classes at the centre. In these classes they will complete a short piece of work which will be marked, returned and discussed with the tutor, who will give them a detailed programme of homework to be completed before the next class.<br /> For our 11+ programme, your child will be given an assessment to complete by one of our 11+ tutors, who will then discuss the results with both child and parent. During the discussion, you will be briefed if needed on the 11+ exam/s your child will be taking, as well as a more in-depth explanation of what your child will be doing in our classes to prepare. 11+ students come to us for either one or two hour sessions, and are given homework each week. <br />

From the basics of reading, writing and spelling to comprehension and creative writing skills, the First Class Learning English Programme follows principles that make it ideal for all learners, whether primary or secondary. Drawing on a variety of imaginative materials, the programme develops the key skills that allow the learner to read and write fluently, confidently and with enjoyment.

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Your next steps

If First Class Learning is the right fit for you and your child, and you would like to arrange an assessment at our tuition centre, please contact your local Centre Manager. They will inform you on how your child can become one of the growing number of students in the UK enjoying success with First Class Learning.

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