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First Class Learning promotes independent learning and study skills, so that your child gains the confidence to tackle new concepts.
  • Personalised programmes focused on the National Curriculum
  • Printed worksheets, not more screen learning
  • Unique Skills Assessment

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The work booklets are challenging, and the tutors will progress them if things become too easy. I am pleased with the extra practice and challenge that FCL provides and I wish I'd started sending the kids sooner.
Yasmin Pitter

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Maths and English Tuition at Roundhay

We know there is a lot to consider when choosing a tuition provider, so our maths, English and science programmes are designed to meet the needs of both children and parents. Established for over 15 years, helping thousands of students across the UK, we give your child the skills to grow and give you peace of mind.

What sets us apart from other after-school tuition options is our commitment to designing courses in the UK that align with the National Curriculum. This ensures that everything your child learns directly supports their success in school, avoiding confusion caused by weird maths techniques or irrelevant English tasks.

We aim to create confident, excited learners. Every programme is designed around meeting the students’ individual needs and abilities, which guarantees the work is not too hard or too easy; the best way to build confidence. Through this personalised learning experience, some students will overcome challenges while others avoid boredom through being stretched.

At First Class Learning Roundhay, we want to inspire children to pursue their dreams through building strong foundations of knowledge, self-belief, and a genuine love of learning. We help our students to unlock their full potential and set the foundations from which they can flourish.

How we work

We start with our unique Skills Assessment. This is done at the centre and will inform the assessment of both areas of strength and areas that your child needs help with. We then design a programme unique to your child’s needs. Our maths, English and science learning pathways are designed to work with the National Curriculum and build the skills needed step by step. This is what makes FCL so effective and how students start to understand things that have previously puzzled them. Weekly work is planned and scheduled so it is easy to follow. This work is given each week at our centre and parents can feel relaxed knowing their child has clear direction and the support they need. The plan will include small bite-size tasks to complete throughout the week at home through printed worksheets – not more screen time learning.

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Lisa Kemp

Centre Manager

This First Class Learning centre is run by Lisa Kemp, who is fully trained and qualified to deliver First Class Learning study programmes. Lisa is an experienced tutor and has delivered courses across a variety of settings, including schools, academies and community venues. Every First Class Learning Centre Manager holds an enhanced DBS certificate.

Tuition Services


Our maths programme focuses on building confidence and mastery of key topics, while aiding understanding in how to apply them in problem questions. This builds up knowledge in Fractions, Space, Shapes & Measurements, Reasoning, Handling Data and Algebra.


Our English programme starts with the early skills of phonics and vocabulary building up to developing their understanding so they can excel in comprehension and independent writing. Throughout the programme we continually focus on reading, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, creative writing and handwriting.


Our unique Foundation in Science programme is designed around Key Stage 3 learning and the detail needed to understand and excel at GCSE level. We use comprehension style study to build knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and focus on keyword retention, wider science skills and question practice.

Ava improving her English

Helping Ava improve her English and find a new passion for writing

Listen to mum Emma explain how working with First Class Learning has improved her daughter's English skills and helped her to find a passion for writing stories.

Raees & Idrees building confidence

Building the confidence of brothers Raees & Idrees

A hopeful mum explains how priceless tuition with First Class Learning has developed her children's confidence, helping them be much more engaged at school.

Jaya making strong preparations

Helping Jaya prepare for the big jump to secondary school

A proud mum explains how First Class Learning tuition has helped both her children feel more stable yet also stretched with their studies. She talks about how her daughter felt more confident and excited about starting secondary school and how the investment is worthwhile in giving her children the best.


How does FCL differ to 1:1 tutoring?
FCL offers structure and daily practice, with a ‘little and often’ approach, enabling the child to retain what they have learnt & gain confidence with ease. It also develops good study habits and independent learning so that they don’t become dependent on others teaching them.
Can I sit with my child while they do their work at the centre?
If your child is worried about coming into their first session, parents can come in to begin with, but you won’t need to stay for long. Once they see the friendly faces and welcoming atmosphere, they will be happy to stay on their own. We like to encourage independent and confident students.
How will FCL help with my child’s school work?
By filling in any gaps they may have and developing their confidence we can change their attitude to a positive one and at the same time give them the skill sets needed to carry through to all school work.
If I join, am I tied into FCL for a set amount of time?
No, not at all. FCL is primarily a long term programme, not a 'quick fix'. However, there are many reasons why you may need to stop, so I just ask for one month's notice.

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