How does First Class Learning work?
We are the fastest growing tuition franchise in the UK with over 300 centres nationwide. Each child has different needs and so we tailor our programme according to their individual ability and requirements. A skills assessment at your local tuition centre, provides the necessary insights into a child’s level of confidence and helps them towards independent learning. The ‘spiral’ nature of our approach strengthens key skills and abilities as the child progresses through our programmes, ensuring future topics are within reach.
What do you mean by ‘Independent Learning’?
We believe that children who pick things up for themselves will retain that knowledge better than others. We encourage students to work independently through our worksheets which guide them through a topic step by step. Many students progress smoothly, but if any get stuck then staff at the tuition centre will be on hand to give hints on how to move forward, or explain further if students need extra support. Benefits of developing independent learning skills include increased motivation and confidence and greater awareness for the child on their ability to overcome weaker areas.
How does First Class Learning differ from private tuition?
Each student works through their individual programme at their own pace. Some children rarely need any help, others need it quite often. When help is required, a member of staff is on hand in the centre to offer assistance, either by giving a hint or, when necessary, sitting down to work through the problem with the child. Our focus is on the long-term underpinning of core skills and abilities rather than intensive exam preparation on specific topics for which one-to-one tuition can be effective. While our tuition programmes are still tailored, it’s less pressured than a 1:1 private tutor.
How much homework is expected to be done?
This depends on the expectations of the child and the parent. We'd usually propose short periods of 10 to 15 minutes of work each day, to allow the child to gain confidence in their subject. A child can study with First Class Learning for a variety of reasons. We can help: a gifted child who will benefit from extra motivation outside of school; a child who is struggling and needs more support; or a child achieving average grades who could simply 'do better'. This reason is likely to impact the time a child ultimately spends working at home.
What are the First Class Learning fees?
Each First Class Learning Centre Manager is responsible for setting tuition fees for their own study centre. However, the typical fee is likely to be around £60-70 per month to cover one child studying one subject. The pricing is competitive in this market, and likely to be far cheaper than hiring a private tutor.
What will my child get for the monthly fee?
The monthly fee covers not only weekly sessions at our tuition centres but also includes the daily worksheets that we provide to be worked through at home. Our maths and English tuition programmes are written by qualified and experienced subject specialists and are designed around the learning outcomes of the current National Curriculum.
What are the opening days and times for your tuition centres?
Every tuition centre has different opening days and times Please refer to your local FCL centre’s website for details.
What happens if my child misses a session?
No problem, get in touch with your tuition centre manager and arrangements can be made to provide that week’s work, so learning can continue at home.
How long are the weekly sessions at your tuition centres?
Generally, each student will attend our tuition centres for about 30 to 40 minutes per week per subject, although this is at the Centre Manager’s discretion and may also vary depending on the child’s age and ability.
How will you monitor my child’s progress?
We assess your child at the beginning of each module, then reassess them once they reach the end of each module. This allows us to demonstrate progress and frequently offers positive encouragement to the child that their skills and knowledge have improved.
How does First Class Learning differ from its competitors?
First Class Learning offers all-British programmes, aligned to the National Curriculum in maths and English, that benefit from tried and tested ‘pencil and paper’ based worksheet materials. This means you can be confident your child's work is relevant to their studies and their learning needs. Our tuition centres offer individualised learning paths that can cross different areas and so avoid boredom caused by repetition.
What abilities and key stages do your tuition centres cater for?
Our centres offer both primary and secondary tuition and cater for most ages and abilities. From early years and primary (KS1, KS2 and 11 plus) to secondary education (KS3, KS4 and GCSE), our bespoke tuition programmes cover the full spectrum to help your child reach their full potential. Please contact your local tuition centre to discuss how they can help.

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