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First Class Learning is a National Curriculum based programme, designed to encourage your child to develop confidence and independent learning skills.
  • Structured worksheets meeting National Curriculum expectations
  • Regular twice weekly meetings, to encourage every student
  • High quality feedback on completed materials, to embed learning

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First Class Learning have been great at helping my son with maths. The weekly sessions, backed by lots of homework and example papers, have helped build confidence as well as embedding a lot of the curriculum areas taught in school. Simon offered regular feedback, and offered to liaise with the school to ensure my son focused on the right areas. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Martin - Dad

addressMoor Allerton Sports & Social Centre Opposite Fire Station Stonegate Road Leeds LS17 6HJ
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Maths and English Tuition at Leeds Moortown

Welcome to the Leeds Moortown First Class Learning Centre! We're delighted to support children and adults in the local community with both maths and English tuition.

Every opportunity is used to create a successful learning environment. Students benefits from a varied approach including independent learning and one to one tuition by qualified, experienced Centre Managers. There are also small group revision classes including GCSE, SATs, 11-plus and Year 6 - 7 transition.

Our expert Centre Managers are well qualified and kept up to date with regular training. FCL is more than maths and English - we're aiming to achieve great results. Whether a school entrance exam, or next weeks spelling test, help is always available.

Our maths and English programmes are tailored to learners' individual needs so students move on only when they are confident with a topic. At First Class Learning we believe in 1% steps to 100% success.

How we work

First Class Learning is a partnership, and we’re delighted to support your child every step of the way. Our experienced Centre Manager, Simon Deacon, will contact you to discuss all aspects of your child’s educational journey, and to appreciate fully the reason for your call. Simon has excellent experience working with a wide range of students across all academic abilities, and will talk through our unique FCL skills assessment - a key factor in determining how best we can offer assistance. Through specific National Curriculum based tests, feedback and discussion we’ll then agree on a plan to encourage your child to become more confident. Whether understanding fractions, dealing with complex GCSE maths, or writing a brilliant story, the North Leeds First Class Learning centre provides effective, consistent and encouraging support.

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Simon Deacon

Centre Manager

Simon’s extensive career in maths and English began after his time as an Engineering Officer in the Merchant Navy, with whom he travelled extensively and experienced different cultures around the world. During the past 15 years, Simon’s entrepreneurial instincts led him to developing innovative products to assist children with specific learning objectives in mathematics. He has applied these in his own after school tuition centres, and currently works with around 140 students of all ages, including small groups in a local primary school. While mainly tutoring from KS2 to GCSE level, Simon has also worked with adults aiming to achieve Qualified Teacher Status - taking great pleasure in helping them with their career goals. He leads a team of qualified maths teachers and practitioners in constantly updating and improving the First Class Learning maths programme, as well as developing new modules, in line with the changing curriculum. Simon can be found on YouTube, and currently has 65,000 subscribers to his 3 minute maths channel.

Tuition Services


The comprehensive First Class Learning maths programme addresses all the essential areas of the National Curriculum. Our excellent reasoning, arithmetic and maths skills modules ensure every student is offered materials based on their unique abilities.


The First Class Learning English programme offers exceptional guidance in all areas of the curriculum, and aims to develop core independent writing skills. Each module is carefully designed to encourage close reading, comprehension, an appreciation of structure, and confidence with independent writing skills.


How does FCL differ from 1 to 1 tutoring?
The First Class Learning programme is structured to encourage students to fully embed their learning. A ‘little and often’ daily approach helps to ensure good study habits and, more importantly, develop independent learning skills in a supportive environment.
How does FCL follow the National Curriculum?
It’s important that your child has a solid foundation in whichever subject you choose. FCL materials are based on year group National Curriculum expectations, and your child will be encouraged to achieve similar levels to their school year … and beyond.
What happens at the centre?
The North Leeds FCL centre is a quiet, productive, environment and we encourage all students to entirely focus on their learning. Students are issued with individualised, age appropriate, materials and there is always knowledgeable assistance available.
What happens during non-class days?
The FCL programme works well if students are motivated to embed their learning at home. Many students feel the immediate benefit of increased confidence by working diligently through the worksheets – we’ll certainly encourage your child to always complete their homework.

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