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Tuition Franchise FAQs

What's the best bit about being an FCL Centre Manager?
Not only will you be joining one of the UK's leading tuition franchises, there are many other benefits of opening a tuition centre with First Class Learning. Of course, you'll love the reward of working with the children and improving their outcomes. On top of that, you'll enjoy a flexible lifestyle where your business works around you, and you can confidently deliver our highly regarded maths and English study programmes in a structured way.
Can I open a tuition franchise alongside another job?
First Class Learning is a great option for those looking for a part time franchise opportunity. Due to the flexible nature of how FCL works, as a franchisee you will choose when to open your tuition centre for classes. This means you are free to run your study centre around another job, or family commitments. Our flexible model makes it equally well-suited to franchisees who wish to make running their tuition centres their full time job.
How are territories allocated - how far would my sales area extend?
We allocate tuition centre territories by individual postcode (for example SW19, M11, B3, and so on). These are priced based on their individual demographics including population.
How do I recruit staff to help if needed?
Many First Class Learning tuition centres provide an excellent opportunity for high-attaining undergraduates to gain valuable work experience in a setting where they can respond to queries and assist with the smooth running of the centre.
What can I expect from First Class Learning given I'd be working under its umbrella network?
First Class Learning is proud of having a flexible working culture which provides a level of autonomy to its tuition Centre Managers. We are primarily here to support Centre Managers with Head Office staff dedicated to that sole purpose. You have the chance to shape the culture and environment of your study centres and your business while encouraging your students to reach their potential. You would also be part of our community of 250 other franchisees, all running FCL Centres. This community of tuition Centre Managers communicate with each regularly via our dedicated discussion forum, the 'FCL Hub', which provides a wonderful opportunity to share ideas, advice and best practice across the network. We also have an annual conference where all Centre Managers meet up to share experiences and celebrate successes.
How much training and support will I receive to set up and run my business?
As a First Class Learning tuition Centre Manager, you will receive lots of franchise training when you join the network. Firstly, there is an intensive three-day training course covering each of the core programmes as well as how to assess students and plan their progression. Subsequently, there are various support structures: Head Office support (including a full online Operations Manual), a mentoring scheme, Business Booster workshops and, of course, your ever-helpful fellow tuition Centre Managers who are accessible via our closed online network. When you open a study centre with First Class Learning you'll be surrounded by advice and guidance to help your business become a success. There is also a marketing starter package - the FCL Accelerator (see below) - which is run so that we can work closely with you to set up all of your social media requirements, amongst other things, with the minimum of fuss and effort on your part.

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What skill-sets would be desirable for a new tuition Centre Manager - need I have teaching experience?
The most desirable attributes to start your own business with FCL are fluent communication skills and a passion for working with children. Although some of our Tuition Centre Managers join First Class Learning as an alternative to teaching, you will be fully trained to deliver the First Class Learning maths and English tuition programmes, so while teaching experience would be beneficial, it is not a requirement. Other attributes, such as business experience are also helpful, however again full training and support is given in these aspects too. An adequate level of education to degree standard or equivalent would be expected.
How will I know the appropriate level to start each student and what work to set them?
FCL currently has over 15,000 maths and English worksheets to choose from so we ensure you are trained and equipped to test the ability of each student accurately using our unique skills assessment tests to help you and focus tightly on their individual needs. This will ensure that you keep them happy, interested and challenged all at the same time! Our maths and English tuition programmes have been created by a team of qualified specialists, with a wealth of experience in the education sector. All of our learning resources are designed to meet the learning objectives of the National Curriculum for England and Wales and the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland.
What marketing assistance is available?
As part of your initial investment, you will benefit from the FCL Accelerator starter package. We get you up and running by providing your FCL related website presence, as well as your social media and Google accounts. At the appropriate time to suit your tuition centre launch, we will then promote your business with tried and tested online advertising that will boost your Google ranking and leave you with a lasting dividend of strong Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). To make running and marketing your tuition centre easier, we've added a host of learning materials for you to order online whenever you need them.
What locations are currently available to open a tuition centre in?
First Class Learning currently has over 300 tuition centres across the UK, but as the UK's fastest growing tuition franchise, there are still many areas where we are yet to have a centre. We are always on the lookout for new centre managers to fill areas that First Class Learning does not yet operate it. If you would like to find out more information on which territories are available, please contact us.
How many tuition centres will I be allowed to open?
You can open as many tuition centres as you feel are viable within your own territory. Importantly, new centres cannot be located less than 1.5 miles from your nearest neighbouring First Class Learning centre, in fairness to other Centre Managers. Some franchisees run several tuition centres across multiple territories.
What is the process of joining First Class Learning's franchise network?
If you're wondering how to set up an educational franchise business and are interested in opening your own tuition centre, simply fill in this form below and we will be in touch to discuss the next steps and get you on your way to being our newest franchisee.
How much does it cost to open a tuition centre with First Class Learning?
If you are looking for a low cost franchise opportunity, First Class Learning could be perfect for you. The franchise cost is dependent on the demographic strength of the territory. The price ranges from £8,000 to £16,000. Please get in touch to find out more on the franchise cost in your area.

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