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  • We know how rewarding owning your own business can be, but it is also a big step. Our franchise insights will help you understand the tuition industry, where you could fit in, and how you can start a rewarding career that makes a difference and inspires others.
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20 Years Of First Class Learning

One of the most impressive things about FCL is the fact that the service has managed to remain relevant for two decades. The continued expansion of FCL to over 300 learning centres is nothing short of staggering.

The UK teaching crisis: why more teachers are leaving and what are the alternatives?

With too much bureaucracy, poor work-life balance and rising class sizes, no wonder a recent survey shows one in three teachers are thinking of a career change.

How to start your own business working with children

You might be amazed how many transferable skills you already have, that makes starting a tuition centre not only enjoyable but also rewarding and achievable.

Do something meaningful post lockdown: 5 ways to make a difference

Let's be honest, not many people thought Covid and lockdowns would have the dramatic impact they have. But for many this has created new opportunities and a chance to try something new.

Tips for choosing the right Franchise for you

Most of us have dreamed at one point or another that we could be our own boss. With a franchise, you have the opportunity to do just that.

Franchise opportunities for a work-life balance

Franchising with First Class Learning offers an opportunity for individuals to achieve a better work-life balance while at the same time being in charge of their own business.

What you need to start your own tuition franchise

When it comes to starting your own tuition franchise, there is a lot to consider to help you succeed. The sky's the limit!

The Importance Of Tutoring To Children

Tutoring is a great option for students who are struggling in school, or those wanting to advance ahead of their classmates.

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