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Stockton on Tees Learning Centre

Maths English KS2 SATS GCSE
First Class Learning Stockton was established in 2009 and has supported thousands of children to improve their maths and English skills and improve their performance in school working in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum.
  • Maths and English programmes focused on the National Curriculum
  • Tailored programme for each student in line with their individual needs
  • First Class Learning is suitable for children of all ages and ability levels

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address St Patricks Church Hall Lingfield Road Fairfield Stockton on Tees TS19 7PL
parking Available phone 07778 743 517
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Maths and English Tuition at Stockton on Tees

At First Class Learning Stockton we look at the needs of every student on an individual basis and work with them to develop their maths and English skills so that they can achieve their full potential in school.

At enrolment every child is assessed to identify their current stage of development and educational needs and then we develop an individual study programme for them using our bespoke suite of materials which are linked to the National Curriculum.

The centre is open on a Monday from 3.30pm to 5.30pm and every week the children get a new piece of work which they start with us and work through with one of the tutors so that they fully understand the new concept. Any work not completed at the centre can be taken home to finish and brought back the following week to review with the tutor.

We work very hard to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere so that the students really feel comfortable and enjoy their time with us. Lots of the pupils refer to it as a "club" and new friendships are forged and confidence built as the pupils learn and improve their maths and English and general study skills. We also provide support with school homework during the sessions, if required.

Students can attend for a single subject (maths or English) or both in line with their needs. We cover all stages of the curriculum starting from Foundation through KS1, KS2, KS2 SATS, KS3 and onto GCSE levels in both maths and English.

How we work

If you are looking for support in either maths or English for your child please telephone for an initial discussion and we can explain to you how we work and find out more about the needs of your child. We normally then invite you to attend the centre for a trial session and during this time we can carry out some initial pieces of work to assess your child's current skill levels and discuss how we can help your child to progress. We will then develop a programme of work that will support your child’s learning and help them to gain or rebuild their confidence and start to fill in any skill gaps that they may have. Quite often we need to go back to receiver and relearn some skills that may have been missed at school and then we can rebuild and move forwards. All students attend the centre weekly completing an ongoing programme of work using our learning materials and support from the tutors. We work very hard to create a relaxed learning environment that is enjoyable and friendly where children are encouraged to ask questions to support their learning and don’t feel embarrassed about making mistakes.

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Julie Hawke

Centre Manager

The Stockton on Tees First Class Learning Centre opened in 2009 and is owned and managed by Julie Hawke and her team of tutors. The Stockton study centre is a positive learning environment for all students. If your child is struggling at school or not being stretched then we can help. Some children just slip behind at school and a little additional support at the right time can bring about significant changes and improvements that last a lifetime for the child.

Tuition Services


The First Class Learning Maths programme covers the National Curriculum from Foundation to GCSE. We use a range of resources to equip your child with the fundamental skills required for success in school mathematics and then help them to implement these skills with problem solving work.


Our English programme covers the National Curriculum from Foundation to GCSE. We have specific modules that focus on key skills such as reading, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, creative writing and handwriting. We can provide an individualised programme in line with the students needs and ongoing support from one of our team of great tutors.

Student Success

My son (aged 10) has been tutored by First Learning for the past 3 years in both Maths and English. From what I have experienced it is certainly value for money. The tutors are excellent and they really have done everything they can to help him succeed.
My daughter started to struggle with Maths in Year 3 and started to slip behind at school. She was reluctant to ask a question in class and it really affected her confidence. Over the next four years you supported her to rebuild her skills and confidence and in Year 6 she got the top mark in her year in Key Stage Two SATS. She went on to do Maths A Level in college which was just amazing. Thank you all so much.
Wendy C
I would like to thank you all for the support your team has given William (aged 12). He enjoys the Maths and English classes and we can see a massive improvement. That also shows in his last school report which we are very pleased with. You are doing an amazing job and we are very pleased with William's progress. Thank you very much and don't stop guiding our children in the right direction.


How is progress monitored?
We carry out individual assessments on an ongoing basis to monitor progress and feedback the results to the student learner and their parent/carer.
How much are the fees?
Please contact us to find out more.
Do you open during school holidays?
We open for most half terms and we close for a month in August and two weeks at Christmas and Easter. When the centre is closed for these holidays the students have work to continue their development working through their programme if they wish to do so.
Can I book for a centre visit?
Yes you are welcome to book to bring your child for a centre visit to find out what we do and how we operate and then we can arrange a trial session.

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