The First Class Learning English programme teaches, consolidates and combines skills through its unique spiral structure. From developing phonic knowledge, motor skills and handwriting to reading, comprehension and writing skills, our programme develops key skills with materials that are ideal for all learners, whether primary or secondary. Students are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their schoolwork and beyond.
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Our English programme is exclusively designed and produced by us and covers:
  • Fine motor skill development
  • Phonics
  • Handwriting
  • Reading skills and comprehension
  • Spelling and extending vocabulary
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Structuring Texts
  • Writing skills
  • Planning and independent writing

Personalised programmes aligned to the National Curriculum

Identifying your child’s needs

We start by completing a thorough English assessment covering different areas of the curriculum to establish your child’s strengths and areas to improve. We then create a personalised programme for your child, regardless of their age or ability. Our English programmes are adaptable to each child to ensure they are learning at a level and pace that allows them to grow in confidence and build a solid foundation in English.

Building a strong foundation

The First Class Learning English programme helps early learners get off to a flying start. Our carefully structured programme is designed to mimic the learning journey and objectives that students encounter in school. Our programme helps to develop confidence and fluency with phonics as well as building a secure foundation with early reading and writing skills. Students are gradually introduced to reading and comprehension activities as well as developing their writing skills, moving from letter and word recognition to writing and communicating in full sentences.

Developing reading and comprehension

Whether your child is an avid bookworm or a reluctant reader, our English programme can help to develop their reading and comprehension through a variety of texts and genres. Our powerful learning programme ensures children read widely and become familiar with how to respond to comprehension questions through engaging texts and activities. We equip students with the understanding and tools to identify and explain explicit and implicit meanings within texts, provide precise evidence to support their ideas as well as learning to discuss how writers use language and structure for effect.

Covering the National Curriculum

Our English programme covers the National Curriculum through Key Stages 1-4 or Reception to GCSE. You will be confident that not only is the work relevant to what your child is learning at school, but also that it supports all the major UK Exam Board syllabuses.

English success stories

Attending Gants Hill and Ilford FCL not only improved my GCSE English by two grades but also boosted my confidence which made me feel more prepared for my exams and my career into medicine. I would highly recommend FCL.
Thank you Polly for helping William with his English studies. We are over the moon. He is sure that he could not have passed his GCSE without your expert help. We are very proud of him and so grateful to you and First Class Learning. You are a star!
Simon and Sharon
My daughter in her English GCSE mocks exams was achieving a grade 3. Contacted Adrian at First Class Learning who helped my daughter achieve a grade 5 in her English language and literature GCSE exams. Great tutor, highly recommended.
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