Maths is a core subject from Reception to Year 11, and we’re with your child every step of the way. From arithmetic to algebra, there are a range of materials to suit every ability. First Class Learning offers much more than worksheets; we’re passionate about developing great students, and giving them the skills to succeed.
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Our maths programme is exclusively designed and produced by us and covers:
  • Introduction to Numbers
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
  • Shape, Space and Measure
  • Algebra
  • Reasoning Skills
  • Handling Data

Following the National Curriculum... but focused on the individual

Identifying your child’s needs

We start by completing a thorough maths assessment covering different areas of the curriculum to establish your child’s strengths and areas to improve. We then create a personalised programme for your child, regardless of their age or ability. Our maths programmes are adaptable to each child to ensure they are learning at a level and pace that allows them to grow in confidence and build a solid foundation in maths.

Developing number sense

Developing the confidence to work with numbers: pencil control, memory development and concentration. Encouraging your child to understand the important key concepts such as ‘more and less,’ recognising groups and relationships - providing a pathway to the core mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Developing reasoning skills

Applying learning to expressing concepts such as fractions, decimals and percentages. Importantly, students use their understanding as ‘reasoning skills’, to solve real life word problems, thereby developing the important skills of logical thinking, problem solving, and well laid out work.

Becoming skilled learners

As students gain confidence, the key concepts are applied with a wide range of First Class Learning materials, offering excellent experience of the National Curriculum expectations. Working with triangles, solving quadratic equations and understanding train timetables are all in a day’s work! Our approach also helps them develop important learning skills such as working independently, following examples and choosing the best method.

Covering the National Curriculum

Our maths programme covers the National Curriculum through Key Stages 1-4 or Reception to GCSE and beyond. You will be confident that not only is the work relevant to what your child is learning at school, but also that it supports all the major UK Exam Board syllabuses.

Maths success stories

When I first attended First Class Learning I barely knew my times tables but now that I have progressed further and further I have the best marks in my Maths and English in my class twice! Now every time we do a new topic in my maths class I'm always one step ahead of everyone. Also in my English I am the go-to person, I am very grateful for this and I could not ask for more. Without Neela I don't know what I would do. Thank you Neela xx
Our 10 year old daughter started maths tuition with First Class Learning Guildford six months ago. We are really happy with her progress and her increased self belief. She says that she is more confident and feels that her understanding has improved. When she gets stuck on a topic Isabel explains it using different tactics and ways of breaking it down until it makes sense to her. Best thing of all is that she feels SMART and that is worth every penny.
Polly exudes positivity and has actively encouraged my girls to become more independent learners. The maths workbooks are organised, have clear explanations and levels of challenge. The 'little and often' approach is manageable and real progression can be seen by all.
L. Phillips
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