This isn't really our success - it's yours!

  • We love seeing lightbulb moments when students can suddenly solve maths problems that they have been struggling with. Or receiving an English writing task shown with pride. But we also have a holistic approach to tuition, helping students with life skills they will use throughout their education and beyond. Sound interesting?

English Success

Children up and down the country are achieving success in English. But don't take our word for it. Here's what our students have to say:

Jeel, Year 8, Wins English Award

English Key Stage 3 Awards
Thank you Miss for supporting me to get better in English. My writing skills have improved greatly and I have won an award at school!

Vytene achieves strong results, thanks to First Class Learning

English GCSE 8/9s
With the help of Gants Hill & Ilford FCL tuition, I was able to make a tremendous improvement in Maths and English and obtain 8/9's in my GCSE. Thank you very much for your help and support.

Naya makes great progress in GCSE coursework

English GCSE
FCL has taken me from a 3 to a 6 in my English Language GCSE work! I'm still pushing for an 8!
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Maths Success

Many children in the UK are making great progress and achieving success in maths. Here's what our students and their parents have to say:

A child's progress instills a sense of fulfilment

Maths Blue sheets
Maria got 100% in her maths work from school today. She applied all the things she learned using the blue sheets and in the calls with Isabel, she is so proud and happy!

Boosting confidence in a GCSE student

Maths GCSE
Thanks to FCL, I am a grade 8/9 (A* equivalent) GCSE student in the core subjects. The lessons (in Plumstead Common) made me more comfortable with not understanding things the first time and being happy to ask questions. This helped boost my confidence in my learning exponentially.

A proud parent who appreciates what FCL does

Maths GCSE
My daughter has just passed her GCSE maths and gained a fantastic grade 6 - we couldn't be more proud. So thank you Emma (in Darlington) and all your team for all your hard work in helping her achieve such a great grade, very much appreciated .
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