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GCSE SATs Maths English
First Class Learning is a structured worksheet based tuition programme which helps to boost confidence and fill any gaps in their maths and English knowledge, ensuring skills are built up to a high standard.
  • Skilled team led by an experienced qualified teacher
  • Priced per child, per subject, per month
  • Programme focused on the National Curriculum

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Maths and English Tuition at Swinton

Hello from the team at First Class Learning in Swinton. We’re an Ofsted registered Maths and English Tuition Centre led by Harriet, a qualified teacher with a wealth of experience across primary and secondary schools. Children learn with us from ages 4 – 16 and our individualised teaching programmes follow the National Curriculum.

Some children join us for a little help in just maths, or English, and some study both subjects with us. Our aim is to help with their school studies, build confidence and to develop independent learning skills.

Many young people join us for a specific purpose such as GCSE tuition and others join us because they are working at a higher level than their peers.

How we work

We'll chat either on the phone or over email, to discuss how we can help your child with maths or English. The next step is to come along to our centre in Swinton. Harriet will sit down with your child and they'll complete an assessment, so we can work out which of our paths is the most suitable for them. We work as hard as possible so that this doesn't feel like an exam or a test it's just a friendly way of us getting to know our students. The next step is to put together a bespoke plan that will support and encourage your child's learning. If you're happy with this, they will be able to start attending regular classes with us. In their classes, children complete a short piece of work which will be marked, returned and talked through with one of our assistants who will give them a programme of homework to complete before they next join us. Most important of all, we make learning as fun as possible. Our assessments are free, so we can work out together whether our First Class Learning sessions are the right path for your child.

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Harriet Grundy

Centre Manager

The Swinton First Class Learning Centre is run by Harriet Grundy. Harriet is a fully trained and qualified teacher with 6 years under her belt across both primary and secondary education. Harriet is an experienced teacher having worked in a range of schools holding various roles including Phonics Lead and Maths Lead for Key Stage One. Since opening FCL Swinton in September 2019, Harriet has offered Maths and English tuition, exam preparation for SATs and school homework support within the study centre. Harriet tailors every student's learning programme to their individual needs and it is delivered in a small group basis within a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. She ensures that new learning is introduced alongside what is already familiar, so that students feel safe and can see the progress they have made. Progress is in small achievable steps so that students constantly experience success. Students develop increased speed, accuracy, concentration and particularly confidence.

Tuition Services


The First Class Learning maths programme is designed to equip your child with the fundamental skills required for success in school mathematics. Using a range of resources, it covers all the essential areas of the school curriculum.


Our English programme concentrates on reading, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, creative writing and handwriting. The initial diagnostic testing assesses the child's needs so that we can provide an individualised programme.

Student Success

My daughter started at First Class Learning in September and I have already seen a big improvement in her Maths and English skills. Harriet and the team are lovely and friendly and have made my daughter feel really welcome. She looks forward to her weekly sessions at the centre and is even keen to do her homework! During lockdown, sessions were done over Skype which also worked really well. I would definitely recommend First Class Learning.
I can highly recommend First Class Learning Swinton. We have been having classes for 6 months now and I can say that my daughter's skills in English have improved. My daughter has enjoyed her English lessons with Harriet. She is great teacher with a good sense of humour, is truly engaged in the learning process and helps my daughter improve her skills. Harriet has helped my daughter's confidence in both speaking and writing in English. Harriet has very skilled and professional approach to teaching which caters to individual needs of student without any hesitation. She teachers my daughter useful techniques which will definitely help her achieve a high score in every section. Therefore, we are glad we chose FCL Swinton.
I recommend FCL in Swinton. I'm from South Korea with my Kids, Year 8 boy and Year 5 girl. I visited the centre, expecting this class to be able to give some customised teaching to my children like long sentenced and hard Math problems + English reading and writing enhancement. After finishing the tests at the centre, Harriet and Molly recognised our kids' level very well, good Maths skill but short English reading skill as a foreigner. So they planned the well-customised level and stuff for my children, and it's almost three months as of today. I feel that my kids' English reading and writing are really being improved and Math skill is getting more sophisticated. Especially, Swinton centre has its own study space for children though now is under COVID-situation. I like it.


Is FCL 1:1 Tuition?
We describe tuition at our Centre as 1:1 but in a group environment. Your child will receive their individual attention and support whilst attending our group classes. FCL offers structure and daily practice, with a ‘little and often’ approach, enabling them to retain what they have learnt & gain confidence with ease. It also develops good study habits and independent learning so that they don’t become dependent on others teaching them.
What if I miss a session or the Centre is closed?
We operate for 50 weeks of the year, only closing for two weeks at Christmas. If a session is missed we ‘owe the session back’ on another occasion. If absence is due to illness we do ask for as much notice as possible and Harriet will liase with you to fit your child’s session in at a different time.
How much homework is given? Does it have to be completed?
This is a partnership between ourselves and you. We do set 10-15 minutes of homework per subject to be completed per night but this should be something your child can do independently. We do ask that they have a quiet work space in which to do this and you will have handbooks which will allow you to support in marking their work.
I want to know your prices- can I have some more information?
If you would like to know the prices then please get in touch using the form below. Harriet can provide the information as this is dependent on the number of children. We do offer sibling discounts and multiple subject discounts too. There is no fixed term and we do offer flexible payment plans.

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