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Does your child meet the National Curriculum requirements? Does your child achieve their full potential in maths and English? Our study programme helps the child reach their full potential, instills self-confidence and raises self-esteem.
  • Personalised study programme
  • High tutor:student ratio
  • Study programme that encourages good learning habits

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FCL have personalised lesson plans for maths and English as per your child's requirements. I see positive improvements in both of my children’s writing skills and maths. I used to worry a lot about their learning but that has been taken away. Please send your children there if you want them to be confident in school and in everyday life.
Naghma Iqbal

addressThe Downley Community Centre School Close Downley HP13 5TR
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Maths and English Tuition at High Wycombe North

Welcome to the High Wycombe North First Class Learning Centre. We believe that "EVERY CHILD COUNTS" and that every child has the capability of soaring new heights. At FCL we excel in inspiring children to achieve better than their best. Always encouraging them to challenge their best and achieve 'better than last time' results. The atmosphere is fun-filled, inspiring and focused.

Our students love the achievement challenges that we set for them. Parents have reported that our students, not only improve in the subjects that we teach but that newly found self-confidence permeates into other areas of the curriculum. Students of all ages as well as abilities attend our study centre at the Downley Community Centre in HP13. We cater for learners from Early Years and primary through to GCSE and adult students.

Our expert Centre Managers support your child's learning in maths, English or both subjects together in order to help with their school studies, build confidence and develop independent learning skills. We use time tested learning methods that take a child's learning style into consideration. Our students benefit from a high Centre Manager:student ratio.

Our maths and English programmes are tailored to learners' individual needs so students move on only when they are confident with a topic. At First Class Learning we believe in 1% steps to 100% success. Along with the curriculum, we encourage discipline and respect, as well as inculcate good values and habits in our students. To inspire and encourage the children of High Wycombe, we hold competitions that are open to all schools to participate. Last year we held a speech competition for all the schools in the area.

How we work

Every child's needs are different, and your child will benefit from a study programme specific to their needs and learning style. For this, the starting point is an initial assessment and a detailed chat with our Centre Manager. Mr. Vora will assess the child and discuss in detail with the parents how the programme will support your child. Once we have established your child's needs, we will put together a bespoke course of action that will support and encourage your child's learning. If you feel happy with our plan and that we are the best option for you and your child, they will then be able to start attending regular classes at the centre or online. In these classes they will complete a short piece of work which will be marked, returned and discussed with the Centre Manager, who will give them a detailed programme of homework to be completed before the next class.

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Himanshu Vora

Centre Manager

The High Wycombe North First Class Learning Centre is run by Himanshu Vora. Himanshu is an experienced tutor, who has tutored children of all ages, as well as adults. He inspires students to perform to a very high standard. He is fully trained and qualified to deliver the First Class Learning study programmes. Every First Class Learning tutor holds an enhanced DBS certificate.

Tuition Services


At FCL - HWN, we offer curriculum Maths from Year 1 to GCSE. We combine contemporary as well as traditional methods. We emphasise on mental maths. The study programme is delivered via child friendly worksheets, starting form laying strong foundation and expanding their ability. We focus on accuracy and then speed. It is not unusual for our students to progress from the bottom of the class to the 'top set'. Many, eventually are ahead of their peers, some by a year or two.


At FCL - HWN, we offer curriculum English from Year 1 to GCSE. We combine contemporary as well as traditional methods. We emphasise on increasing their vocabulary, enhance their writing skills as well as handwriting, expanding their knowledge by encouraging extra-curricular reading . A few or our students are published poets The study programme is delivered via child friendly worksheets, starting from laying strong foundations and expanding their ability. We focus on accuracy and then speed.


We have been training for 11-plus/ school transfer tests since 2011. Structured classes are held in small groups, in an encouraging and inspiring environment. The children go through an extensive array of material that covers techniques, followed by a variety of tests and tests papers. The study programme covers GL and CEM style of exams. Additionally, admission exams for private schools can be catered for.

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