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Maths English 11-plus GCSE Entrance Exams
First Class Learning is a structured worksheet based programme which boosts confidence, fills knowledge gaps and gives a real understanding of the subject allowing your child to get ahead and stay ahead.
  • Aligned with the National Curriculum
  • Little and often homework promotes progression, retention and motivation
  • Telephone or online support available Monday to Saturday, 10am to 9pm

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Adrian was integral in preparing my son for his entry exam into Grammar school. He built a great relationship with my son and helped him build his technical skills and confidence. My son passed the entry exam so goal achieved. I would highly recommend Adrian for any children that need that extra bit of support. Thank you!
M. Dunn

addressSt Bertelin's Church Holmcroft Road Stafford ST16 1JB
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Maths and English Tuition at Stafford North

Welcome to the Stafford North First Class Learning Study Centre. Adrian Preston, Centre Manager, has been running highly successful after-school maths and English classes for over 3 years.

Through our structured programmes, Adrian individualises each child’s learning path, targeting any knowledge gaps and giving real understanding of the subject. This helps with their school work, builds confidence and develops independent learning skills.

Our maths and English programmes are flexible and tailored to learners' individual needs and abilities so students move on only when they are confident with a topic. The 'little and often' approach aids the learning curve ensuring understanding and retention whilst keeping motivation high.

How we work

Our First Class Learning Centre Manager will call you to discuss how we can help your child with maths or English. They will then assist your child to complete an assessment to determine which path is most suitable for them. Once we have established your child's needs, we will put together a bespoke learning plan that will support and encourage your child's development. If you feel happy with our plan and that we are the best option for you and your child, they will then be able to start attending weekly classes in Holmcroft. In these classes which will take about 30 minutes per subject, they will complete a short piece of work which will be marked, returned and discussed with the Centre Manager, who will give them a detailed programme of daily homework to be completed before the next class which should take no longer than 20 minutes per day.

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Adrian Preston BSc MSc

Centre Manager

I’m a mathematician and father of SEVEN. I’m originally from Cheshire but my family and I have lived in Staffordshire since 2015 where my children attend local schools and nurseries. When I’m not working, my boys and I like nothing better than making divots on the golf course and my girls, who are always offered the chance to play golf but decline, seem to think I’m some kind of arts and crafts genius, so life is full! From my own experiences of successfully tutoring my older children through 11-plus exams, I can say with confidence, that there is no better feeling than seeing the eyes of a child light up when they have mastered something. If you are lucky enough to have been the adult who has helped them achieve that, well that’s just priceless and that’s why I am now part of First Class Learning.

Tuition Services


The First Class Learning maths programme is designed to equip your child with the fundamental skills required for success in school mathematics. Using a range of resources, it covers all the essential areas of the school curriculum.


Our English programme concentrates on reading, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, creative writing and handwriting. The initial diagnostic testing assesses the child's needs so that we can provide an individualised programme.


The 11-plus is tough! They’re only 10 and the questions are hard! Once their English and maths skills are at the right level, we familiarise them with past papers, building accuracy and speed by developing the logical, problem-solving skills that are essential for success.


Is there a car park?
Yes, there’s plenty of free parking
Can I sit with my child during the tuition?
No, we need to maintain that student-pupil relationship and promote independence with your child. You are welcome to wait in the adjoining room in the centre.
Are you a teacher?
No, I am a tutor and mentor. I have a Maths degree supplemented with a Master’s degree and an impressive track record in industry. The substantial skills required for teaching a class of 30+ children are very different to that of a focused tutor, trying to get the best out of your child. I focus on your child’s current abilities, working at their pace to close any knowledge gaps whilst giving them the confidence and learning skills to flourish.
My child has a lot of other out of school activities. Do they need to do all the homework?
If you want your child to progress, yes! The programme works because of the “little and often” approach combined with the clear, structured, slowly incrementing worksheets. However, I recognise the commitments on young people can be high and my mantra of “no stress” applies so I have the flexibility to redefine exactly what is “little and often” to match your child’s available time. Talk to me and we’ll figure it out.

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