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We have been struggling with fractions but with FCL's help he's got it. We are both over the moon.
Rebecca Edinburgh

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Maths and English Tuition at Upminster

We know choosing a tuition provider is a big decision, so our maths and English tuition programmes answer the needs of both children and parents. Established for over 15 years, helping thousands of students across the UK, we give you peace of mind.

Unlike many other after-school tuition options, our courses have been designed in the UK to align with the National Curriculum. This ensures everything your child learns will directly help them at school, avoiding any confusion with weird maths techniques or irrelevant English tasks.

We aim to create confident, excited learners. Every programme is designed around the students’ needs, which guarantees the work is not too hard or too easy, the best way to build confidence. Our materials are dynamic and interesting, ensuring students stay engaged with learning.

Tuition is not just about solving problems, it is also about helping each student become the best they can be. Our highly tailored approach can overcome challenges for some students, and help others avoid boredom by stretching them. We aim to help them excel and reach their potential.

How we work

Our process for new students is designed around making them feel relaxed and comfortable quickly. We start with our unique Skills Assessment. We visit your home so the student is relaxed, and complete some worksheets which shows both areas of strength and areas that your child needs help with. This is also a great introduction to our smart materials. We then design a programme unique to your child’s needs. Our maths and English learning pathways are designed to work with the National Curriculum and build the skills needed step-by-step. This is what makes FCL so effective and how students start to understand things that have previously puzzled them. Weekly work is planned and scheduled so it is easy to follow. This work is picked up each week at our centres and parents can feel relaxed knowing their child has clear direction. Our plan will include small bite-size tasks to complete each day through printed worksheets (not more screen time learning). We also supply handbooks as we encourage students to mark their work, both for skills development and so they can spot mistakes immediately. At our inspiring learning centres, we answer questions and go over completed work. Importantly we challenge the students to make sure they have not only finished but also understood the topics. Some elements are only marked at the centre, but all work is spot-checked.

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Ray Calder

Centre Manager

“Our role is to help your child get the most out of our amazing materials while building confidence and a passion for learning. Every child learns in their own way and pace, so we make sure each programme we design matches their individual needs. I personally manage every unique Skills Assessment as this is critical in making sure the tuition keeps each student engaged, confident and happy. We get the biggest buzz helping children have magical lightbulb moments. Their faces say everything. I hold several Enhanced DBS checks as I also coach several sports including cricket and badminton.”

Tuition Services


The First Class Learning maths programme is designed to equip your child with the fundamental skills required for success in school mathematics. Using a range of resources, it covers all the essential areas of the school curriculum. It builds upon prior learning ensuring concepts are embedded before moving on.


Our English programme concentrates on reading, phonics, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, comprehension, creative writing and cursive handwriting. The initial assessment checks your child's specific needs so that we can provide an individualised programme most appropriate and engaging for them.


Our unique Foundation in Science programme is designed around Key Stage 3 learning and the detail needed to understand and excel at GCSE level. We use comprehension style study to build knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and focus on keyword retention, wider science skills and question practice. We also have an optional revision module.

Getting back to the basics helps Molly flourish

Molly and mum Sue discuss how First Class Learning has helped build maths skills and more confidence in all aspects of school and other subjects.

Reggie gets the support that he wanted to love school again

Find out how building confidence and skills has helped Reggie move up sets and engage in the classroom by loving his personalised tuition plan.

Understanding the needs of the student is the key to helping them grow

From struggling at school and hating homework, to a boy that loves to learn so much even his teachers are impressed with the rapid improvements.


How does FCL differ from having a 1:1 personal tutor?
We offer a tutoring programme with bite-size learning throughout the week. Some students cope with one burst of information per week with a 1:1 tutor, however our students prefer regular learning which helps them retain information better and breakdown complex subjects into more manageable smaller tasks. We are also more affordable than most experienced 1:1 tutors.
How long do students spend at the centre?
Students spend around half an hour per subject at the centre. Within that period they will have 1:1 time with our tutors to review the previous week’s work, answering questions, making sure the subject is understood fully and checking progress. We also ensure the student understands the forthcoming week’s work, before leaving them some time to complete the day’s tasks.
How does the assessment work?
We start by asking some questions to find out more about your child’s educational background. Then we work through our unique assessment map for each subject which identifies areas of strength and any gaps in knowledge. Our small tests are done with printed worksheets and build up layers of information that many parents find enlightening. English ranges from Phonics through to Writing Skills. Maths ranges from Arithmetic right up to Algebra. Time: 1 to 2 hours.
How involved do I have to be as a parent?
All our work is planned and scheduled, which gives parental peace of mind. The main thing you can do as a parent is to offer encouragement. That can be in the form of asking if they have done the homework and praising, through to checking some work with them to see how they have progressed. If you feel comfortable answering questions, the worksheets and handbooks always have the answer. Or just contact us and a quick phone call normally helps the student move on with confidence.
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