We develop your child's knowledge and understanding, providing them with a solid foundation in maths and English, relevant to their current studies and future goals. Whatever your child’s ability - whether they’re aiming high or need a little bit of extra help to catch up -
We want to make sure that they reach their full potential.
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Build skills that fill knowledge gaps or help children excel and reach their potential.

Choosing a tuition provider is a big decision. We have developed Maths and English tuition programmes that answer the needs of children and parents. First Class Learning has been established for over 15 years and has helped tens of thousands of students across the UK, offering total parental peace of mind.

We will build skills that can fill knowledge gaps or help children to excel and reach their potential. Tuition is not always about solving problems, it is about helping each student become the best they can be. Our highly tailored approach can overcome challenges or help students reach their full potential by stretching them and extending their horizons.

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UK design aligned to the National Curriculum

Unlike others, our programmes are designed to align with the National Curriculum. This helps to ensure they are relevant to what your child is learning at school and how they are being taught. Our methodology reinforces their learning and builds confidence. We complement your child’s learning at school throughout our innovative maths and English pathways. Skills are built in layers with one skill needed to enable a child to learn the next. For example, learning some multiplication helps before trying fractions, and building great phonic skills gives a solid foundation for vocabulary and reading. Finding gaps in knowledge and filling them is crucial for a child’s development.

Individualised approach to every child

Every child’s journey starts with our unique assessment process, allowing us to identify their level of ability and any specific gaps in knowledge, understanding or skills. We then develop a personalised programme tailored to their individual learning needs. Each child is encouraged to work at the right pace for them. Children move on once every concept or skill is properly understood and reinforced. Fresh ideas and challenges are introduced to maintain interest and stimulation.

User-friendly and Fun Learning Journey

Our individualised approach encourages independent learning; an important skill for life. Sessions at our centres combine with bitesize daily homework to reinforce learning in a manageable and fun way. Regular progress tests build skilled learners and parental confidence. As your child works through our programmes they build skills and confidence. That confidence creates accelerated learning and we constantly monitor progress. Our flexible programmes adapt to each child's needs, bringing a balance of learning, practice and challenge. The progress test feedback keeps you informed about your child's development.

Proven Pen and Paper Methodology

Research shows physically writing things down, using ‘pen and paper’, is an important part of the cognitive process of learning. This makes our paper-based approach more effective than online programmes. It also makes reviewing work and talking through corrections easier at our centres. Reducing ‘screen time’ is something that delights most parents! The important skills of handwriting and clear presentation of work are preserved and practised. Most examinations are still paper based which is another good reason to keep these skills sharp.

Our Industry Leading Blue Worksheets

Over the years First Class Learning has developed a strong reputation as having some of the most impressive and effective maths and English learning materials in the tuition sector. Our renowned ‘blue worksheets’ are recognised and admired across the UK. Aligned to the National Curriculum, they strike a balance between building skills, knowledge reinforcement and encouraging self-learning. So why are they blue? Research has shown that text and numerals printed on a light blue background is easier to work with for students with certain learning difficulties, such as dyslexia or scotopic sensitivity (Meares-Irlen Syndrome), than traditional black and white print. Just another example of putting our students' needs at the heart of everything we do.
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