Tutoring is a great option for students who are struggling in school, or those wanting to advance ahead of their classmates. Tutoring is more than just assistance with homework — tutoring increases instructor involvement and personalisation of lesson plans to match the student's specific learning style and curriculum. If you’ve ever wondered if you should open a tuition centre, then this post is for you. With over £6 billion spent each year in the UK on tutoring services, this is a sector that continues to grow. Here, we will explore how tutoring can change the way a student feels about school and learning in general and how it can truly change young lives in your local community.
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The benefits you can bring when you become a tutor

If you’re ever in a position where you can offer after-school study to students, you’ll realise that your efforts will have a dramatic impact on grades and test scores. With the new Prime Minister looking to push educational standards, you can make a real difference by offering maths and English tuition.

However, there’s far more to the life of a child than just test results. After-school tutoring also goes towards helping children to develop into well-rounded adults. Here’s a look a just some of the benefits that extra tuition brings:

Much needed attention

Class sizes certainly aren’t getting any smaller and typically these will have 30 children at least. With so many vying for attention, there’s little wonder that some will get left behind as they’re unable to flourish in such a chaotic environment.

If you become a tutor, you provide a solution to this issue. You’re in a position where you can offer needed attention to a child and provide a personalised approach to their learning style.

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A stress-free environment

After-school study offers a really big advantage over the typical school day: it doesn’t have to happen in a classroom. The reality is that classrooms can be stressful environments and not all children respond well to this. There is the pressure to keep up with peers as well as meeting teacher expectations.

After-school tuition is delivered at a different pace. This pace is adjusted to the child’s needs and this means that stress, frustration and anxiety are reduced. Many children learn far better in this kind of environment and are given the opportunity to really thrive.

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Challenging attitudes towards learning

After-school tutoring can have a real impact on how a child views learning. If they’re struggling within a school environment, it makes sense that their attitude towards learning will become negative. If they experience repeated failures or realise that they’re falling behind, eventually, some of these children will simply switch off.

When you become a tutor, you get to show children the positive aspects of learning. They clearly see that they’re making progress and this positive change means that learning is no longer viewed as something that is terrifying.

Improved study habits

Extra tuition allows children to develop positive study habits. When it comes to a mainstream classroom, it’s easy for everything to become a muddle and for children to lack a clear idea of where they’re heading.

Through tutoring, you help these children to develop focus, get organised and understand goal setting. These changes are beneficial to both children who may be struggling and those who are looking to push themselves further.

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Boosting academic performance

We don’t believe that the learning experience is all about grades but there is no escaping the fact that these matter. There is plenty of research which corroborates the view that after-school study helps children to achieve higher grades.

Maths and English tuition are areas where dramatic results can be seen. With these subjects being vital to academic success, it’s understandable why parents seek assistance for their children in these areas.

Students are ready for higher education and the workplace

After-school tutoring has an impact that goes far beyond test results. The positive changes that are seen in children mean they are ready to go further. It could be that they are seeking a place at university in which case they will have developed study skills that will benefit them.

For those looking to make the move into work, a tutor has the opportunity to help them to develop organisational skills as well as the tools to set meaningful goals. This gives an increased chance of long-term success regardless of the sector in which they go on to work.

Learning difficulties can be identified

Learning difficulties are perhaps more recognised today than they ever have been before. These difficulties can soon have a major impact on a child. It can lead to them rebelling against learning and it can also rob them of self-confidence. This can be avoided by identifying any such issues as early as possible.

With classrooms being so hectic, there’s always a chance that things will go unnoticed. The smaller setting offered by a tuition centre makes it far easier to spot potential issues and the wheels can be set in motion to receive a diagnosis.

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Improved confidence

There has been a significant focus on the mental health of children of late. This has increased since the pandemic when the country was in lockdown and children were taught from home. Children struggle with anxiety. They may often wonder if they’re clever enough and if they’re capable of fitting in. A typical classroom setting isn’t always the best setting to put such fears to bed.

After-school tutoring provides the confidence boost that’s needed. It allows children to see that success is achievable and encourages them to approach learning in a whole new way. This newfound confidence and self-esteem soon carry across into other areas of life. Suddenly, a child is acting differently in social situations as well as when participating in extracurricular activities. That’s why, when you make the decision to become a tutor, you have the opportunity to truly transform lives.

Tutoring can be of great benefit to a child's learning. The right tutor can encourage a student, raise self-esteem and pass on invaluable study methods. It's not just about the academic benefits — tutoring helps the students in becoming more well-rounded individuals. If you want to help shape lives and see the importance of tutoring, why not become your own boss and open your own Tuition Centre? Find out more and get in touch to start the rewarding journey.

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