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Why open a franchise with us?

£8,000 to £16,000

Low startup costs
Quick-start Affordable Competitive
We have one of the lowest start-up costs of all education franchises in the UK. This saves you money to spend on acquiring new students.

Venue Finder

You choose, we help
Supporting you Community-focused Local Flexible
Unlike other franchises, we help you find your own venue where you're not locked in for a long period of time, and without expensive fit-out costs.

We train you

For degree-educated people
Training provided Proven model Quick-start
While teachers often make excellent Centre Managers, so can those without a formal teaching qualification. We are looking for degree-educated people with a genuine passion for helping children succeed. We will provide the rest.


Choose your own hours
Good income Flexibility Work-life balance
This does not need to be a full time job, business or career. Running a Centre full-time can be extremely lucrative, however even a few hours per week (to fit your lifestyle) can make a fantastic income.

It's rewarding

Make a difference
Do what you love Make an impact Community support
Running an education franchise is incredibly rewarding. Help children in your local area thrive through their education.

It's profitable

A low commission %
Make money Low commission fees
Our proven business model has a very low break-even point and our Centre Managers make more money for themselves. We take a much lower share of your ongoing revenues compared to other comparable franchises.

Specialist Government-backed Franchise Financing options available

• Specialist Franchise Financing Options available

• Can fund up to 85% of initial investment

• Scheme is backed and underwritten by UK Government

• Based on the strength and track record of the FCL franchise model

• Attractive fixed interest rates

• Flexible terms

• Effectively allows deferral of majority of up-front investment over 3-5 years

• FCL provides full support with application process

Free franchising brochure

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Meet our centre managers

The centre managers (franchisees) at First Class Learning are a close-knit community that are desperate to share learnings and support each other.

Meet some of them through the videos below!

Franchising - a word from our Chief Executive

Our Chief Executive, Ed Hyslop, talks about the support available to new franchisees and how we help you get going. We also hear from two successful Centre Managers (Simon Deacon, North Leeds and Rachel Holdom, Burnham-on-Sea) describing their experiences and how First Class Learning differs from the competition.

Why I chose FCL

Raxita Kantaria (St Johns Wood) talks about the life choice she made and the improvements to her work life balance when she left a job in the City to become a First Class Learning Centre Manager. Her lifestyle benefited as she became her own boss and put her family first – running a First Class Learning tuition centre was an ideal fit.

Why is First Class Learning for you?

We hear from Polly Warren (Brighton) who illustrates the benefits of the education franchise world as an ex-teacher – being part of a larger organisation that has established branding, marketing and business model while receiving guidance and encouragement from the many other experienced Centre Managers in our network.

Education franchise success stories

Don’t take our word for it - hear from other education franchisee centre managers that have gone before you.

Bishop's Stortford Case Study

Mark set up his tuition centre in March 2019 after deciding to take an early retirement package...

Darlington Case Study

Emma set up her first First Class Learning Centre in 2011 and has since gone on to open a second...

Penarth Case Study

Jenny set up her First Class Learning Penarth centre in 2017, after looking for a change in career direction...


For new education franchisee owners

We regularly update our FAQs to help inform new franchisees of useful information. This ranges from simply 'how does franchising work' through to 'do I need to be a qualified teacher to run a tuition centre?' Click below to read more!

Talk to a franchise expert

You're probably got questions, so please reach out and ask them to one of our franchise experts by using the form below.

How it works

Opening an education franchise doesn't have to be complicated.

  • Chat to a franchise expert

  • Complete a simple application

  • Enjoy our free 'venue finding' service

  • Attend our expert training programme

  • Complete our 'franchise accelerator' process

  • We open your centre!

You will also have the chance to talk to other centre managers both before you sign up and on an ongoing basis.

There is a thriving community of franchisees that are desperate to have you join in!

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